a place among them

  • 1st edition of 500 copies, 120 pages, 87 photos black and white, duotone offset print, Hardcover, Greek / English language, size 24X28cm (H, L), paper 150gsm Magno volume II. Self Published 12/12/2022, Athens Greece.
  • ISBN: 978-618-00-4211-5 
  • Curation: Alexander Voutsas, Eleni Sevasti
  • Digital Design by Yiorgos Koutsouvelis
  • Cover Design By Eleni Angelidou
  • Sponsored by Fujifilm Hellas
  • Printed by Print Services Hellas

The photobook “A Place Among Them” is a personal testimony of a photographic project completed in approximately eight years, from 2015 to 2022. Through the photographic image, I explore humanconditions that are often contradictory, such us solitude and loneliness, which we all may have experienced at some point in life and every individual is able to decode them in their own way. I started as an unseen observer wandering around many cities in eight countries: Denmark, Greece, Serbia, Turkey, Israel, Morocco, Spain and Portugal. I was walking countless hours, discovering new places and people of different cultures through street photography, myfavorite kind of photography. I moved naturally and spontaneously, quietly and respectfully, without staging anything around me, always using the natural light available. Walking on the line between the notional and the real, I captured scenes which showed emotion, sometimes being on the threshold of the conscious. The protagonists were random people out at the streets of every age, moving in parallel without ever meeting each other. Sometimes happy, with glowing faces and carefree bodies, other times worried, concerned and silent, with faces etched from the corrosion of time. By focusing on small events of daily living, I aimed at revealing thehuman aspects within the trivial yet valuable escapes of life, as I experience them around me and as they might go unnoticed by others. This project includes images we see for just an instant but are eventuallycaptured and reflected on our life’s “wall” affecting our psyche in the long run. The dramatic interaction of light and shadow, and the emotionally isolated figures that inhabit anonymous urban spaces or road sides show an endless pursuit expressed through the human struggle for survivalwithin and outside the big cities of the 21th century.

the making of

At Print Services Hellas 

the presentation

At Ianos Book Store, Athens

Watch the full video of the presentation of my photobook “A Place Among Them” at Ianos book store in Athens in a special night where all the participants of the book were attending, event lead by Dora Lavazou (ifocus magazine). Alexander Voutsas (Photography Teacher at Athens School of Fine Arts), Yiorgos Koutsouvelis (Digital creator, Photographer), Barbara Mamatis (Fujifilm Hellas Marketing & Communications Division), Vangelis Psathas (Fujifilm Hellas Professional Photography Division).

Part of the profits of this Photobook will be allocated to the non-governmental organization “Klimaka”, which aims at empowering vulnerable social groups. Klimaka was founded in 2000 and is a social body, a recognized Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), with activities aimed both at the provision of mental health services and at the implementation of social integration programs for vulnerable population groups in Greece and abroad. With the main focus on dealing with mental health problems and psychosocial problems, it plans and implements actions -programs to deal with the causes and the results of social exclusion. www.klimaka.org.gr

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