+Above The Street, Below The Sky

Category: Minimal 

Location: Greece, Denmark

Year: 2015-2016

“Above the Street, Below the Sky” is a visual exploration that beckons viewers to shift their gaze upwards, beyond the bustling city streets, and into the secret realm of our avian cohabitants. In the heart of urban expansion, where concrete landscapes encroach upon their natural habitats, many species of birds find themselves navigating the intricacies of our man-made metropolises. These adaptable creatures have taken on the unofficial title of “citizen” as they ingeniously adapt their lifestyles to the ever-evolving rules of city living.

Through my lens, I embark on a journey to unveil the parallel society that soars above us—a society of feathered inhabitants that find solace, refuge, and even a form of harmony amidst the urban chaos. “Above the Street, Below the Sky” offers a poetic glimpse into the unseen routes and aerial pathways these remarkable beings navigate, casting aside the city’s grayscale monotony to reveal their true essence against the vast expanse of the sky.

This project is a visual symphony that captures the charismatic dance of city birds—a dance characterized by a sublime lyricism that flows from their every movement. Observing these avian citizens in flight, I am captivated by the elegant lines they trace across the canvas of the sky. Their formations create an exquisite interplay of shapes and shades, each silhouette serving as a portrait of tranquility and serenity. The juxtaposition of their graceful motions against the backdrop of an ever-changing sky adds an ethereal dimension to this series.

As I navigate the rooftops and gaze beyond the urban landscape, I am drawn to the poetry woven into these avian journeys. “Above the Street, Below the Sky” is an homage to the beauty of adaptation and the resilience of nature’s creations. Through minimalistic compositions and deliberate use of negative space, I invite viewers to witness the avian ballet that unfolds in the heavens, inviting them to reflect upon the seamless harmony that exists between these feathered city dwellers and the skies that envelope them.

This project is an invitation to reconnect with the unnoticed symphonies that play out above our heads daily—a silent testament to the delicate balance between human expansion and the natural world. “Above the Street, Below the Sky” delves deeper into the realm of minimal photography, inviting viewers to peer through the lens and into a world where birds have claimed their place as urban citizens, painting the sky with their graceful choreography, and inspiring a sense of peace and calmness that resonates within our souls.

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