+Mannequins On The Streets

Category: Mannequins

Location: Greece.

Year: 2014 – 2018

“Mannequins on the Streets” is a journey that peels back the veneer of urban existence, inviting viewers to see beyond the mundane and glimpse the unspoken connections that bridge inanimate forms, human life, and the sprawling cityscape. This project blossomed from a serendipitous encounter as I roamed the streets of Athens, a chance discovery that unveiled a hidden dimension shared by mannequins, people, and their urban surroundings.

In my wanderings, I stumbled upon mannequins—the silent sentinels of shop windows—displaced from their usual context, strewn about street markets or piled haphazardly outside stores. These seemingly mundane figures, replicas of contemporary silhouettes, often go unnoticed as we hurry through our lives. Yet, in this new setting, they assumed an unexpected allure, and I felt compelled to capture the stories they might whisper.

“Mannequins on the Streets” unveils the curious relationship between these manufactured dummies and the urban environment that envelops them. These figures, intended to showcase our everyday desires through displays of clothing, jewelry, and seasonal fashions, found themselves amidst the dynamic rhythm of the city streets. It was a challenge to unravel the symbolisms they may carry and to draw attention to their silent narratives.

I chose to rely solely on natural light, allowing it to shape and define these scenes. The resulting photographs are a testament to the intrinsic beauty of unadulterated moments. These images, bathed in the same sunlight that warms our days, evoke a sense of intimacy that resonates deeply within the viewer’s consciousness. Through this project, I aim to kindle a sensitivity within the audience, urging them to look beyond the ordinary and appreciate the significance of these seemingly inanimate figures.

As I focused on these mannequins, I found myself drawn into their perpetual gaze and their unyielding poise—a stark contrast to the ever-changing urban backdrop. The challenge became a bid to unravel the untold stories hidden within these figures, to reveal their unseen side against the inhospitable cityscape. In doing so, I aimed to sensitize viewers to the stories they encapsulate—stories that mirror our own existence, aspirations, and interactions.

“Mannequins on the Streets” is an ode to the art of observation, an exploration of the connections that transcend life’s dichotomies. Through my lens, I invite viewers to pause, to look again, and to recognize the intricate dialogues that echo through the streets. It is an homage to the unsung stories, the echoes of humanity, and the threads that intertwine us with the urban tableau.

All Mannequins are found by chance on the streets and are photographed without any intentional staging.

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