+Figures of the Urban Canvas

Category: Street Photography

Location: Greece, Albania, Morocco, Israel, Belgrade

Year: 2019 – 2020

“Figures of the Urban Canvas” is an evocative and visually captivating street photography project that traverses the bustling streets of various cities around the world. Through the play of light and shadows, this project aims to uncover the enigmatic, transient, and poetic moments that unfold in the urban landscape, highlighting the beauty in the ordinary and the unexpected. By seeking to capture scenes where shadows become integral elements of the composition, i created a surreal and thought-provoking visual narrative. I selected cities that showcase a rich cultural mosaic, from bustling metropolises to charming old towns. The project aims to unveil the interconnectedness of humanity against a backdrop of urban diversity. Each photograph captures a fleeting moment, where light and shadow come together to paint a visual narrative. These photographs are carefully composed to emphasize the play between darkness and light, revealing the depth of human emotions and interactions. People become both actors and observers in this urban theater. The architecture of the city becomes an integral part of the canvas. The project delves into the cultural tapestry of each location, incorporating local traditions, rituals, and daily life into the compositions. This helps to weave a rich narrative that reflects the essence of the city and its people. 

This project prompts viewers to pause and reflect on the unseen layers of city life. By spotlighting the symbiotic relationship between light, shadow, and human emotion, the project invites introspection and encourages a deeper connection with the urban world. It challenges viewers to see the beauty and complexity of their own cities and to recognize the poetry that lies within the everyday streets they traverse.

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