+street view

Category: Street Photography

Location: Cuba, Morocco, Israel

Year: 2018 – 2019

In “Street View” I embarked on an exhilarating photographic odyssey across three countries which are located in three different continents—Cuba, Morocco, and Israel. Guided by an unwavering passion for capturing the raw essence of human emotions and unbound by traditional rules, I set out to document the spontaneous interplay of light, colour, and the unfiltered reactions of people in the vibrant tapestries of these diverse locations.

This project is a celebration of the unfiltered moments that define the human experience. I let go of conventions, allowing the ever-changing light to shape each frame, infusing it with life, energy, and a touch of magic. The project unfolds through the candid glances, tender interactions, and fleeting expressions that remain etched in the urban landscapes of Cuba, Morocco, and Israel.

Through this lens, I captured the contemplation that transcends borders, and the shared connections that bind us as inhabitants of this world. The colors became my collaborators, painting emotions that are universal and untouched by geographic barriers. As I observed people immersed in their daily lives, I aimed to immortalize the authentic reactions, the unspoken stories, and the unique energies that make each moment a part of a greater global tapestry.

In Cuba, the warm hues of the sun-kissed streets added a layer of passion to the scenes before me. In Morocco, the intricate shadows cast by ancient alleys became a canvas for the vibrant emotions that echoed through the marketplaces. In Israel, the juxtaposition of historical landmarks against modern cityscapes created an atmosphere where emotions harmoniously converged.

This project is an homage to the untamed spirit of street photography, where the rules are left behind, and the moment reigns supreme. Every photograph in “Street View” tells a story—a story of connection, of humanity, and of the beauty that arises when we embrace the raw authenticity of life. With light, color, and emotions as my tools, I offer a glimpse into the shared experiences that unite us, regardless of the continents we call home.

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