+hidden reflections

Category: Street Photography

Location: Denmark, Austria

Year: 2016

Each time, after the rain has passed by, a new, parallel world, gushes through the reflections of water in the streets, like a huge natural mirror that stretches across the city and reproduces the movements of every living thing around it. The changing environment itself, with its mirages and in combination with the physical interference of aquatic medium, pretends curved and distorted images, forms and shapes that attempt to combine and “marry” the virtual to the surreal world. Somewhere there, wandering between the real and the symbolic, I began to capture these particular urban moments, sometimes figuratively ,other times with literal reality and significance.
I thought of experimenting with various angles using the natural light, and shooting exclusively through the water in the streets, during and after the rain;in combination with my constant moving and the observation of everyday life around me, I started visualizing thoughts and intense emotions that I felt constantly generating, during my involvement with this particular and peculiar kind of street photography.Reflections of the sky, buildings, people, within a carefully selected photo frame that removes all the unnecessary, keeping a sense of instantaneous moments in time, fleeting “paintings”, fantasy movements, “drawings” of a fluid imagination, all in the service of a continuous internal search, to the blurring boundaries between the urban everyday life and the world of colourful dreams…

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