+marianne's dream

Category: Staged Photography, Surreal

Location: Greece, Denmark.

Year: 2014 – 2016

“Marianne’s Dream” is a captivating journey that beckons viewers to unravel the enigmatic veil that shrouds the realm between reality and the ethereal. Within this project lies a duality—an invitation to ponder an overt message or surrender to the allure of an unsolved mystery. Behind an inconspicuous gate lies the key to unlocking the secrets of another dimension, a realm where the enigmatic charm of dreams intersects with the lens of reality.

This endeavor was, above all, a personal challenge—a deep dive into the intangible allure of the dream world. “Marianne’s Dream” became my canvas, a space where dreams transitioned from ethereal fragments to tangible photographs. Guided by an unwavering commitment to preserving the authenticity of Marianne’s dreams, I embarked on a journey of massive transfer—a faithful translation of the dreamlike elements that hold an elusive grip on our subconscious.

The images within “Marianne’s Dream” transcend analysis and alteration; they are raw reflections of a subtle reality that is often elusive in the daylight. Optical symbolisms emerge from Marianne’s dreams, each carrying the potential to illuminate aspects of our inner world that are seldom unveiled. Within this collection, desires, fears, memories, and emotions converge into an intricate dance, driven by the unexpected manifestations of the subconscious.

As the creator of this project, I believe that dreams are gateways to untapped treasures within us—secrets that only the dream world can conjure to the surface. In “Marianne’s Dream,” these hidden treasures manifest as coded messages, each composition revealing a piece of the puzzle. The images serve as windows, inviting viewers to peer into the depths of their own consciousness, to unearth the profound connections that weave through the tapestry of the human experience.

Through various visual techniques and nuanced symbolism, “Marianne’s Dream” transcends conventional narratives. It offers a rare glimpse into the ethereal world that exists parallel to our waking reality. In this collection, I aim to evoke emotions, memories, and reflections unique to each individual. The experience is a gradual revelation, a slow unearthing of the layers that form our intricate subconscious.

“Marianne’s Dream” is an exploration, an homage, and a tribute to the uncharted corners of our minds. A visual testament to the unbreakable bond between dreams and reality, a reminder that the subconscious has a voice—one that speaks in codes only we can decode…

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