+street view II

Category: Street Photography

Location: Greece, Portugal, Austria, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Israel

Year: 2019 – 2023

In the labyrinth of urban existence, I embarked on a photographic odyssey across the enchanting tapestry of European cities—a journey that transcended the ordinary and ventured into the surreal. Through my lens, I sought to capture not just the physical landscapes, but the intangible emotions that dance like ephemeral specters in the streets.

My project, “Street View II,” was born from a desire to peel back the layers of routine, revealing the vibrant, unanticipated harmonies that pulse beneath the surface. As I traversed diverse corners of Europe, from the vibrant plazas of Lisbon to the busy streets of Napoli, I discovered a world that thrives on contrasts, where the mundane and the surreal coexist in a delicate balance.

Each photograph within “Street View II” serves as a portal, inviting viewers to journey beyond the everyday and step into a realm where reality intertwines with dreams. Through the careful interplay of light, shadow, and perspective, I sought to elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary—a patch of graffiti becoming a portal to another dimension, a commuter lost in thought as if suspended in time, an architectural marvel appearing as an otherworldly creation.

Yet, beyond the architectural marvels and ethereal scenes, my lens was always drawn to the soul of the city—the people who animate these urban landscapes with their unguarded emotions. Candid moments of laughter, contemplation, connection, and solitude unfold before me, creating a symphony of human experience that knows no boundaries. In their unposed vulnerability, I found a common thread that ties us all together, transcending language, culture, and borders.

“Street View II” is a testament to the profound interconnectedness that binds humanity, a visual poetry that whispers of shared moments and collective feelings. Through my lens, I invite you to journey with me, to wander the streets of Europe not as tourists, but as dreamers, explorers of the surreal, and seekers of the emotional symphony that reverberates through every alley, every plaza, and every fleeting expression.

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